about this Blog

It’s about understanding the human mind when subjected to the media industry, about using our main work tool well and learning how to tell the truth, in detail.

About the Media Mentalist

Petra is an award winning User Experience Consultant who finds and creates business opportunities with user-centric concepts of experience, e-commerce and community apps on the 4 screeens (mobile, pad, pc, tv)

Petra’s experience spans 15 years of ongoing work in the international media industry creating concept, information architecture and interaction designs for high-traffic mobile portals, high-impact TV/VoD and high-volume database networks, bringing value to clients such as Audi, BMW, Toshiba, Ferrero, Tommy Hilfiger, Telecom, Telefónica, and many others. One of her latest eCommerce portals is visited 1,5 to 5 million times per month and sells more than 300 Million EUR per year.

Currently Petra’s roles contain those of a strategic consultant, senior concepter, information architect and interaction designer. She is passionate about finding and telling the story around a product or service and creating a continuing narrative over multiple platforms.

Sometimes Petra will call herself Media Mentalist, but only when she talks about herself in the third person.


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